Cruise with the Harties Cape Vultures

Image Courtesy of Charne Wilhelmi, Vulpro

The Magaliesberg Mountain range is internationally known for its breeding colonies of Cape Vultures, the one being found at Nooitgedacht and the other high up on the steep cliffs above Skeerpoort. There is something extraordinarily special about seeing the majestic Cape vultures of Skeerpoort forming their early morning kettle high above the Kommandonek Wildlife Resort which banks right on to the Hartbeespoort Dam. A vulture kettle results when a large number of birds (at the Skeerpoort colony this is easily 100 or more birds) aggregate into a twisting spiral which, as they ride the ascending thermals of warm air, slowly rises high above the mountain top. If you want an unforgettable Magaliesberg experience, you need to visit Vulpro (open to the public by appointment only!), Africa’s leading vulture rehabilitation centre, and cruise with the Harties Cape vultures.

Vulpro – Africa’s leading Vulture Rehabilitation Centre

Vultures face multiple man-made threats, including but not limited to poisoning, power line collisions and electrocutions, direct harvesting for cultural beliefs, and ever decreasing foraging ranges.  Some vulture species are threatened with possible extinction within our lifetime unless we can curb the ongoing downward spiral now! Some populations have plummeted by over 90% in the past 30 years. So, what can you do to help protect and converse the Magaliesberg’s vultures? Individual and corporate contributions are welcomed with open arms, and are acknowledged according to the type of support given, for instance, on our website, facebook, email signature and where relevant on signage at our facility, this can be discussed in more detail by contacting us.

Cruise with the Harties Cape Vultures

If you want to get a real birds eye view of the Skeerpoort vulture kettle then you need to be talking to us at Harties Boat Company because this spectacle is best enjoyed from the water. Book your early morning Harties Boat Cruise (please note this is Saturday and Sunday mornings only, launch time is 10am sharp!) with us and guaranteed, whilst cruising past the magnificent lifestyle estates which flank Harties Dam, you will see the Cape Vultures spiralling overhead. Then, when you are done with your cruise, you can pop over to Vulpro where you will get to see these magnificent birds up close and also you will learn so much more about them from your very knowledgeable guide.

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